Studio Policies



  • All payments should be made in advance by the end of the preceding month.
    For example, the payment for February should be paid no later than last day of January.
  • Based on your regular scheduled lesson dates, please check the number of lessons in the upcoming month before making a payment, as some months may have either 4 or 5 lessons.
  • Late payments may result in the loss of your reserved time slot or incur a penalty of 1% per day of the total due amount.


  • Lessons are reserved for you at a specific time and day. This time slot is your responsibility until you officially withdraw from lessons.
  • To withdraw from lessons, a minimum notice of two weeks is required.
  • Students are expected to attend each lesson at the scheduled day and time.

Handling Schedule Changes

Planned rescheduling

  • Let us know as soon as possible so we can adjust the schedule accordingly and find a suitable time for your makeup lesson.
  • At least 24 hours before your scheduled lesson time.
  • Note: Makeup lessons will not be scheduled during your regular lesson time and are subject to instructor availability.

Unplanned (emergency)

  • In cases of emergency within 24-hour of your lesson (e.g., sickness, car trouble, inclement weather), students are encouraged to join a virtual class or reschedule (subject to instructor availability).
  • Alternatively, an asynchronous makeup lesson may be provided, where students submit a video and the instructor will provide feedback and a possible next assignment. Please note: There are no makeup lessons for no-shows.

Instructor Absence

  • In the event of a instructor’s absence, students will either be given a guaranteed rescheduled class or a lesson credit for future use.

Please acknowledge here

This policy has been organized for clarity and ease of understanding, ensuring both students and instructors are aware of their responsibilities and the procedures in place for various scenarios.