Music Course


I will pick the best method which suits your purpose of studying. Some wants to become a professional musician, some wants to prepare for examination or competition, and some just wants to play for pleasure and music therapy, etc…

Music Understanding

I will make sure you will have a well-rounded understanding about music not only can play but also understand music theory, structure, ear training, interpret the musical score and Improve your sight reading skill, etc… At the end of the course, you’ll be on your way to start developing your own playing style.

Patience, personable
and Understandable

I will make sure the time we spend in the class is the most efficiency. I’m very patient, consider, and understandable about my students. I’ll help you with any questions you might have while practicing outside of the lesson.

15 Years of
Teaching Experience

I’ve more than 15 years of experience in teaching. Over the years, I’ve had many students range from ages 4 to 70, each with a different purpose of studying from beginning to advanced. I’ve developed the best method to help my pupils understand and be successful in music.

Music Examination & Competition

– Best Teaching Skills and Professionalism in music teaching from Trinity College of London (For five years in a row: 2014-2018)
– Student achieved the highest-score in the country from Trinity College of London (For five years in a row: 2014-2018)
– Certificate of Recognition American Protégé International Piano and String Competition 2023: Pangfun J for the extraordinary dedication and achievement in the field of teaching music and presenting students to perform at Carnegie Hall.
– Over 98% of my students got distinction and merit from examination: ABRSM and Trinity College of London
– Over 95% of students achieved success in various competition around the world.

Piano & Violin Lesson Pricing



per 30-min lesson

Billed monthly (4 or 5): $180-$225

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The perfect starting point for beginners, offering a comprehensive introduction to playing the piano or violin, including fundamental techniques and musical concepts.

Personalized lessons tailored to your skill level

Step by Step Method & Repertoire

Flexible scheduling options

Music theory & Musicianship

Affordable pricing for those just starting out



per 45-min lesson

Billed monthly (4 or 5): $260-$325

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Designed for intermediate players looking to build on their existing skills and take their playing to new heights, offering advanced techniques, theory, and repertoire.

Customized lessons based on your goals and interests

Regular performance opportunities

Sharpen Your Interpretation and Sight-Reading Skills

Mastering Coordination, Accuracy, Flexibility, Speed, and Dynamics



per 60-min lesson

Billed monthly (4 or 5): $340-$425

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For serious players seeking to master their craft, offering personalized instruction, advanced repertoire, and opportunities for performance and competition.

Comprehensive training in technique, theory, and performance

Flexible scheduling options

Regular performance opportunities and feedback

Grasping Theory, Structure, and Ear Training

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