Music Star Award

June 9, 2024 4:00 pm

Providence Presbyterian Church

Welcome to “PangfunJ Studio Music Star Award” where every note tells a story of the year! Imagine flipping through a colorful book of the year, but with your ears. From spring’s first chirp to winter’s last snowflake, our young musicians will play the soundtrack of the seasons on their strings.

Join us for a joyful ride through the year with tunes that make us smile and dance. It’s going to be a musical party for all seasons, and you’re invited!

Here you will find all the relevant information regarding the event. Please review it carefully and register for the event using the form below. Let us know if you’ve any questions (contact us).


Arrival Time: Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before the start of the recital.

Food Policy: Church doesn't allow food in the Sanctuary, only in the lobby space.

Guest limit: Each registered performer can bring 5 guests.

Recording: The recital will be recorded and posted on studio YouTube channel after the event. But you’re also welcome to record the event. Please respect the audience and performers, stay towards the back or outer edges of the room, and NO FLASH during all performances.

Award ceremony will be at the end of the recital.

Audience etiquette for formal classical concert/recital:

  • Always remain quiet during performance.
  • Be attentive and give the performers your attention.
  • Be considerate of others.
  • No strong perfumes and/or scents.
  • No flash photography during a performance.
  • Applause when a new performer is introduced and hold your applause until they finished all their songs (when performer gets up from the bench).
  • Turn on silent mode on your phone or any other electronics.
  • For families with small children, please keep them respectful during performance.
  • If you need to use the bathroom or leave the recital hall, please wait until between each performance.


Conquer the Stage: Tips and Tricks for Preparing for Your Recital

1. Familiarize yourself with the pieces, though memorization is optional.

2. Prepare for the performance:

  • Approach the stage confidently.
  • Come to a complete stop in front of the piano.
  • Establish eye contact with the audience.
  • Perform a graceful bow, counting to three as you do so.

3. Adjust your piano bench to ensure comfort. If needed, don't hesitate to ask Ms.Pangfun for assistance.

4. While seated:

  • Maintain an upright posture with hands on your lap.
  • Lift your hands and place them gently on the keys.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Begin playing.

5. Between each song:

  • Lift your hands off the keys and rest them on your lap.
  • Calm any nerves, take your time, and prepare for the next piece.
  • When ready, lift your hands and place them on the keys.
  • Inhale and continue playing.

6. After the final song:

  • Lift your hands from the keys.
  • Rest them on your lap for a count of three.
  • Stand up from the bench.
  • Perform a bow, counting to three.

7. Before the recital, practice wearing your chosen attire, including shoes, at least twice to ensure comfort.

Dress in your finest attire or as elegantly as you prefer. Ensure that your clothing allows for unrestricted arm movement, with appropriate sleeve length and minimal interference with playing and comfort.

Please refrain from wearing jeans or slippers.

Keep your hair away from your face by clipping, tying, or using gel as recommended for convenience and focus during your performance.

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